The Top 10 with Pete Gooding

The Top 10 with Pete Gooding

Whats your biggest guilty pleasure track?

'Love Is In The Air' by John Paul Young

Tell us about your first experience of Ibiza?

I was 13 years old on a family holiday in 1987, we stayed in a hotel in Stella Maris, I discovered Hostal La Torre on a push bike I heard Sven Vath’s ‘Electric Salsa’ track at the hotel disco.

Whats the worst fashion item you’ve ever owned?

Ha I think the Hawaiian shirts I used to wear when I started playing at Mambo 20 years ago.

Whats your favourite pre-gig meal?


Whats the first record you ever bought?

'Axel F' by Harold Faultermeyer on 7 inch in around 1980 or Nick Kershaw’s first album called ‘The Riddle’ on cassette tape.

Who is your biggest musical inspiration?

As a DJ it was Sasha in the late 80’s and early 90’s, Jose Padilla in the mid 90’s and more recently DJ Harvey, Greg Wilson, Luciano.

A tricky one but whats the best record made to date?

Impossible to give one answer really but for me maybe Lil Louis ‘French Kiss’ or Miles Davis’s classic album ‘Kind Of Blue’.

What was your first rave or clubland experience?

Going to Amnesia and Es Paradise here in Ibiza in 1989 aged 16.

If you could time travel - Which year would you travel back to?

1983 to go to the Paradise Garage to hear Larry Lavan.

If you weren’t a DJ in Ibiza - Where would you be and what would you be doing?

Well I would be an artist manager in Ibiza, but wait, i already am so can’t complain.

Recorded in 1996 on tape (Remember those little things with the 2 holes in you had to rewind with a pencil?) we have a special mix from Pete Gooding digitally remastered and uploaded onto Mixcloud. Listen below!